Josh Kludy

Josh Kludy (BM in Piano Performance from ASU and Masters Student in Performance Pedagogy), founder of Grand Manner Piano Society LLC, believes in providing students with the highest level of pianism by offering private lessons, collaborative programs, workshops, and performance opportunities. His teaching encompasses the grand manner style of playing, with proper arm weight, singing line, and an emphasis on tonal color. Sight reading, theory, and technique establish the cornerstone of his teaching approach, followed by properly selected repertoire. In addition to classical piano training, improvisation, reading from lead sheets, and contemporary/jazz techniques may be incorporated as well.

Teachers: Ruth Yandell and Robert Hamilton

EVMTA (East Valley Music Teachers' Association)

Guadalupe and Sossoman

Beginner thru Advanced

Classical, Jazz, Music Theory

Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale

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7535, E Osage Ave
Mesa, AZ, 85212

4802441668 (c)

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