Once delivered, the piano is not to be moved without the consent of My First Piano

The delivery charge is a one time fee. There is no charge to swap the piano (limited to one swap) or return the piano.

If the piano is returned prior to the end of the Play Period agreement, there will be a $100 early return fee.


I understand that My First Piano is not a financier and that I am not entering a financing or lending agreement with
My First Piano. The Play Period is a lease agreement which builds equity during the leasing term which can
be applied towards future purchase options.

Only the payments made during the Play Period term are applicable as credit towards the sale price upon purchase

If the account becomes more than 60 days in arrears, My First Piano reserves the right to void any accrued credit. My First Piano also reserves the right to pick up the piano if we consider the account at risk.

Customer is entitled to a 3 month Play Period extension if a different instrument is selected once the initial
term has expired. The additional 3 months credit can be combined with the credit from the original contract and applied to
the purchase price in the event of a purchase.

Your Play Period Expires On

At that time we will leave it up to you to contact us and choose from 4 different options

  1. Apply your credit towards the purchase price of your instrument at the guaranteed price.
  2. Apply your credit towards the purchase of a different instrument.
  3. Return the piano at our expense
  4. Keep the piano on a month to month rental basis. After your Play Period Term, auto payments will
    continue to process on your normal billing cycle. (Any payments made beyond the Play Period terms
    are considered “rental payments” and will not be applied as credit towards a purchase.