CSP 150 Black Satin
Sale Price: $3,495.00
MSRP: $3,995.00
CSP 150 Ebony Polish
Sale Price: $3,995.00
MSRP: $4,599.00

CSP Demo

The CSP (Clavinova Smart Pianist) is the first of it’s kind. The genius developers at Apple and the Yamaha Piano Division collaborated to create an elite digital piano unlike any you’ve seen. It’s rich in features and all of them are accessed through the iPad using the same IOS functions we are all so familiar with. Watch the demo video to get the full effect of what this piano can do.

  • CFX & Bosendorfer Concert Grand Sounds

  • Intuitive Recording

  • iTunes sheet music conversion

  • Stream Lights

  • Karaoke

  • Hundreds of other instruments

  • Silent Play through headphones

  • Background Bands

  • Simulated ebony and ivory key surface